Chapter 62 Fly-out to Death Valley
March 5 - 6, 2011 , Photographs by Wolfgang Polak

Great flying weather, good tail wind
Rusty missed a beautiful Seawind
Departing for Las Vegas - we assume
About to tie down
Seawind on takeoff
3 out of 5 flyout aircraft
Ready to go jeepin
N203AW - up for sale, by the way
Stuff to see around Furnace Creek Ranch
Various bits of history
First day was 82 degrees
Looking south through the valley
Inspecting a mine shaft
Rhyolite ghost town
Lots of rocks everywhere
Pausing at aptly named Red Pass
Some of the vegetation
Driving through Titus Canyon
The start of the Sunday weather
View from Zabrisky point
Dante's view
The wild flowers were out but you need to look closely
Chilly at 5475 feet
Colors are better in real life
Needed to go to 12500 ft to clear this stuff
Came through that somehow
Clouds are beautiful - unless you're in them

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