Chapter 62 Email Addresses

Email addresses of Chapter members are available in the roster online and in the printed version. The online roster is only accessible to current Chapter members. Find an email by typing the last name of the member into the search box on our home page. The online roster includes past members but their information is most likely not current.

You can reach any of the current Chapter officials by sending email to any one of President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, Newsletter, Calendar, or YoungEagles at

On the Chapter Leaders page in the members-only section are email lists for all officers and directors.

Chapter 62 Email Groups

There is one google group for use by chapter members and friends.

General Rules

Please do not use email groups for advertizing or for commercial purposes. Messages sent to the groups are not moderated but the groups owner reserves the right to remove anyone that misuses this service.

How to use the group

The email group is intended to support communication among Chapter members. This is the place to ask technical questions.

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