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FOR SALE: Bopar Special experimental A/C

A beautifully built aircraft. The Bopar Special!! Asking $32,500. This plane is reconfigured from a Piper Tri Pacer airplane. This is an awesome and big plane. A great back country airplane. Powered by a water cooled Ford V6 with belt drive reduction. TT:E&A 127hrs...Empty weight 1562 lbs. Total weight 2628lbs. Cruise Speed 105 Kts. VX 2000 FPM @ 70 Kts Indicated. Aircraft is currently being flown out of Hollister. This aircraft was built locally in the Hollister area. Call for more info and instructions to see in Hollister. Call Pat @ 916-428-4187 or 408-439-3479 @ American Classic Airplane. Pictures at and
Contact: Pat Smith at 916-428-4187 or 408-439-3479 or send email
Posted 2015-05-03

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