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Each Month  Monthly Meeting
 Usually the first Thursday of every month. Due to OSH, the August meeting is usually delayed to 2nd Thur. Check this calendar or the EAA62 newsletter for details.

The offical part of the meeting starts 7:30pm in the Reid-Hillview Airport Terminal, hangar-flying from 6:30-7:30pm. Hot dogs may be served during the summer months. Be sure to check the events calendar for changes dates, and venues.

Each Month  Board Meeting
 Usually the second Thursday of every month. Due to OSH, the August meeting is usually delayed to 3rd Thur. The Board Schedule is as follows:
JanuaryFormulate YE Schedule
FebruaryFinalize YE Schedule
MarchReview Air Academy Candidate
AprilReservations and flight for Air Academy candidate
MaySend in EAA Chapter Award Nominations (by 31 May)
JuneSchedule/Planning for Annual Picnic/Barbeque
JulyForm Nominating Committee (90 days prior to election)
AugustNominating Committee - Request volunteers;
Holiday Party - Make reservations, Get volunteers;
General Meeting - Oshkosh Report, Air Academy Report
SeptemberAsking for Officers!
OctoberStill Asking for Officers!
Start Looking for Air Academy Candidates;
Make Reservations
DecemberHoliday Party


Oct 23  IAC 38 + EAA Founderís Innovation Prize winner at Hiller
 When I discovered that the 2016 EAA Founderís Innovation Prize winner Ihab Awad lived in San Jose, CA, I had an inspired idea. He should come and speak at our Northern California International Aerobatic Club chapter meeting! It would be most excellent to get a pilot/engineer who is working to solve loss of control accidents in the same room with a bunch of competition aerobatic pilots who stall and spin their airplanes all the time. ON PURPOSE.

Join the International Aerobatic Club Chapter 38 and the 2016 EAA Founderís Innovation Prize winner Ihab Awad for lively presentation at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, CA. The guest list includes EAA and IAC board members, Founderís Innovation Prize judges, aviation legends, airshow stars and other luminaries.

Weíd love it if you could come.

Sponsored by Airbus, the 2016 Founderís Innovation Prize aimed to find innovative solutions to reduce the loss of control accident rate in the general aviation community by 25% in 5 years and 50% in 10 years. Renowned aviation experts Charlie Precourt, EAA Safety Committee Chairman and NASA shuttle commander; Dick VanGrunsven, Vanís Aircraft founder; Rod Machado, aviation educator and author; Dave Morss, civilian test pilot and air racer; and Michael Goulian, airshow performer and Red Bull Air racer, evaluated the 140 entrants. Judging criteria included low cost, ease of installation, wide applicability to the general aviation fleet and effectiveness.

Google engineer Ihab Awad won the $25,000 first place prize with his Airball project. Airball is an avionics solution that synthesizes relative wind air data and displays it graphically so that pilots may intuitively understand the current flight state of their airplane. A blue ball changes size and position as airspeed, angle of attack, and yaw change. Correct size and placement of the ball ensures that the airplane maintains a safe flight regime. Ihabís presentation will discuss the ideas and technology behind his project, what heís done with the prize money, and will include an open-mic forum for questions, comments and input throughout the talk.

Strategies to reduce loss-of-control accidents can encompass both training and technology. Letís combine our diverse collective genius to help drive creative solutions. You wonít want to miss the opportunity to be part of this important discussion.

Where: Hiller Aviation Museum Atrium, 601 Skyway Road, San Carlos, CA, KSQL,

When: Sunday, October 23, 2016, 1-3 p.m.

How: An RSVP (by 10/17) is not required, but requested so that we may estimate the number of attendees.

For questions or RSVP, contact:

Beth E. Stanton, President, Northern California IAC Chapter 38

bethestanton at


Please RSVP since seats are limited.

Nov 3  Chapter meeting
Hangar flying start 6:30pm, RHV Terminal Building. Program (TBD) starts 7:30.

Dec 1  Chapter Holiday Party
As in past years we will be in the 3 Flames Restaurant ( at
1547 Meridian Ave
San Jose, CA 95125
The speaker for this year's event will be announced as soon as possible.

Dinner will be at 7:30pm.


Jul 24 - Jul 30  Airventure
 Plan early.

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