Flying into KNUQ

Hi Everybody

Who wants to go flying with EAA 62 of San Jose INTO MOFFETT FIELD!!! That's right, EAA62 has special permission from NASA to fly a Young Eagle's Rally out of Moffett on Saturday June 27, 2009. Nice!

Online registration is open for EAA62's Moffett Federal Airfield Young Eagles Day on Saturday June 27, 2009 10am-2pm.

Registration is a 3 step process

Step 1) First register online here:

Then registration has a couple of additional twists due to NASA regulations.. After you register online you will also have to fill out 2 additional NASA / DoD forms and send to Russ Todd:

Step 2) Hold Harmless Document must be printed, filled out, and snailmailed to Russ:

Step 3) Certificate of Insurance and DD2400 must be printed, filled out, and snailmailed to Russ (you'll need to contact your insurance company)

We will be accepting the first 50 pilots to sign up online AND snailmail or hand deliver their forms by Thursday June 25 Snailmail the additional forms to:

Russ Todd, YE Coordinator, EAA62
10484 Dempster Ave.
Cupertino, CA 95014

Russ will file everything with NASA. Contact Russ with questions: c: 408-421-8437

If the forms aren't received and filed with NASA by Russ by June 25, you will not be allowed to fly into Moffett Field on June 27. NASA will provide you with a special landing permission number once the paperwork clears. (Let's just say it's unwise to mess with the guys with the big hardware at Moffett Federal Airfield. Nuff said ;-)

EAA national membership required. All Young Eagle's pilot's requirements must be met. We'll only be flying kids 8-17 years old, so this is a full-on Young Eagle's day. Check the online registration website for more info.

We hope to see you at Moffett Field on Saturday June 27, 2009. Plan to arrive 8:30am, park your plane, and attend the mandatory 9:30am pilot's briefing. If you cannot arrive until later, let us know and we'll make special arrangements. First flights 10am, last flights leave 2pm.

If you have already RSVPed to Russ, reply to this email and I'll look up your info from previous Young Eagle's events and save you the hassle of having to re-register online.

The complete set of instructions, complete with maps, ramp procedures, frequencies, etc can be found here. This is the same link you receive when you register online.

Our goals are: 
Who: 50 pilots, 50 ground volunteers, 500 kids 8-17 years old
What:  Young Eagle Rally at Moffett Field.
When:  Saturday June 27, 2009.   08:30am arrive, pilot briefing 9am.
Flights 10am-2pm.
Where: NASA's Moffett Field, California
Why:  To fly the first massive Young Eagle's day out of Moffett Field in years.
Questions?  Reply to this email and we'll answer asap.

Dean McCully
EAA62 Volunteer